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Developing the right injection molded part to satisfy your company’s needs can prove to be a difficult task. At JACO Manufacturing, we offer the solution to custom molded, close tolerance plastic parts. We take your ideas from rough concepts to finished, high quality parts, all through JACO’s United States based operation.

At JACO we utilize a combination of team effort and experience in order to create your custom molded plastic part. Our custom molding strengths focus on our ability to hold close tolerances with unmatched repeatability, which is proven by our excellent customer satisfaction and quality ratings. Our expertise is based on total in-house capabilities from engineering design and custom tooling of molds, to injection molding production and quality assurance.

Our manufacturing capacities produce custom and proprietary molded part sizes up to 10 oz, using a wide range of high performance, engineered resins for a variety of industries including but not limited to the automotive, plumbing, appliance, and electronic industries. With JACO’s insert molding capability, metal inserts can easily be molded into plastic parts, providing significant labor and time savings. To keep pace with new technology, JACO has launched a Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system to electronically monitor the molding process, to ensure the highest quality levels for all custom molded parts produced.

JACO’s history of performance sets the stage for our future with you. We’ve molded millions of pieces for a large variety of industries, and we look forward to working with you to solve your custom molding needs.

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JACO offers a versatile range of molding capabilities for your custom molded close tolerance parts, including threaded parts and also parts with metal inserts. We stock a sizeable in-house inventory of common resins to meet just-in-time orders and to obtain volume buying discounts that we can pass down to our customers. We employ our team work attitude to help work with our customers to satisfy their needs for their custom molded parts.

Production Capabilities:

  • Injection molding machines ranging from 50 ton to 375 ton
  • Shot size up to 20oz.
  • Large / small volume
  • Short or long production runs
  • Prototype (molded)
  • Mold a complete range of engineered and commodity resins
  • Insert molding capabilities
  • Over molding
  • Assembly and secondary service capabilities

Current Molding Specialties:

  • Threads (internal and external)
  • O-ring grooves (tight tolerance)
  • Snap fits
  • Close tolerance

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JACO support services round out our entire customer experience, we aren’t just a custom molder, we’re a vendor who cares about your project from start to finish no matter the size of your order. From the time you request your first quote to when you are receiving final service parts at the end of your production cycle, we offer the full JACO team solution to all of your needs. During the life of your project, our large tool room with a full staff of Journeyman toolmakers onsite will complete the maintenance of your custom molding tool at predetermined intervals so that you get the best value of your tooling.

Support Services:

  • Engineering services
  • Program management
  • Fully-integrated quality system
  • Supply chain coordination
  • In-house tooling support
  • Journeyman toolmakers on-site
  • On-site prototyping and rapid production

Expanded Services:

  • 24 hour tool maintenance with laser welding and high speed 3D machining capabilities
  • Design / engineering assistance
  • State of the art 3D CAD and CAM software
  • Cross functional team approach
  • Extensive experience in a range of thermoplastic materials
  • Commitment to quality

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Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.

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