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Developing the right injection molded part to satisfy your company’s needs can prove to be a difficult task. The process may involve taking a rough idea for a part through to engineering design, tooling construction, part production, and ongoing quality assurance. In some cases, if the process moves through different suppliers, you lose control….and quality.

At JACO Manufacturing Company, we offer the solution to custom molded, close tolerance parts. We take your ideas from rough concepts to finished, high quality parts, all through JACO’s in-house operations.

As you move through this website, you’ll see how JACO employs the team concept in the development of your part’s needs. Working closely together, each internal group provides input into the planning, design, production and quality assurance of the final product.

Our emphasis on quality begins in a modern production environment where cleanliness is a JACO hallmark. During production, meticulous care in setup and frequent monitoring of the process parameters ensures consistent products.

JACO’s custom molding strengths focus on our ability to hold close tolerances with unmatched repeatability. That means each part – whether we mold thousands or millions – meets a high quality standard. To keep pace with new technology, JACO has launched a Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system to electronically monitor the molding process, to ensure the highest quality levels.

Our inroads into product quality are evident by the work of JACO’s Quality Assurance Group. Here, completed parts are inspected and tested as well as monitored via Statistical Process Control.

JACO offers a versatile range of molding capabilities for close tolerance parts, including threaded parts and also parts with metal inserts. We stock a sizeable in-house inventory of common resins to meet just-in-time orders and to obtain volume buying discounts. JACO also provides a complete range of engineered resins such as Ultem* and Ryton** and other high performance polymers for specific needs.
Ref. Trademarks * General Electric Company; **Phillips 66 Company

Unmatched Repeatability in Every Production Run

JACO serves a number of different markets with close tolerance, high quality plastic parts, focusing on the Automotive, Plumbing, Appliance and Electronics industries.

Our expertise is based on total in-house capabilities from engineering design and custom tooling of molds, to injection molding production and quality assurance.

JACO manufactures close tolerance precision parts with high quality repeatability. Standard manufacturing capacities produce part sizes up to 10 oz, using a wide range of high performance, engineered resins.

With JACO’s insert molding capability, metal inserts can easily be molded into plastic parts , providing significant labor and time savings.

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JACO’s history of performance sets the stage for our future with you. We’ve molded millions of pieces for virtually every type of industrial business, and we look forward to working with you to solve your custom molding needs.

Contact us today for a quote on your custom molded plastic parts and insert-molded requirements.

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