In-house tooling and manufacturing to
ensure QUALITY

Quality Policy

At JACO, we are all personally committed to meet, and driven to exceed, our customers’ expectations, while continually improving our Quality Management System and satisfying applicable requirements.

JACO is the most unique fittings company in the industry because it engineers and designs its own fittings, constructs the tooling, and then molds the fittings—all in-house.

JACO’s many years as a custom injection molder, designing and producing a wide range of precision, close tolerance parts, has provided the company with the expertise to develop high quality fittings and check valves. By having total control of all manufacturing aspects from design through production, JACO can also control the quality.

JACO’s Engineering Group prepares fittings concepts into detailed engineering drawings. In JACO’s Tooling Group, tooling experts use sophisticated equipment to design and craft the most complex of molds. JACO has built many varieties of fitting molds and has gained expertise in the development of threaded parts. A full complement of CNC and EDM machines, staffed by a team of professionals, JACO delivers superior quality molds. After tooling, the work transfers to JACO’s Molding Group, which utilizes more than 55 injection molding machines. Each day, thousands of fittings are molded to close tolerances with unfailing repeatability, using scientific molding processes.

In order to consistently meet all customer requirements and continually increase customer satisfaction, JACO is committed to the continuous improvement of our products, our services, and our Quality Management System. This total commitment to quality has enabled JACO to build and maintain a reputation of absolute trustworthiness. We are committed to providing the personnel and resources necessary to ensure the highest quality parts. This goal is achievable with the assistance of JACO’s highly trained Quality Assurance Team which accurately measures parts using precision gauges and CMM instrumentation. With the company’s various capabilities, it can continuously ensure the quality and capability of JACO fittings.

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