The Value of the Mid-Size American Manufacturer

From the beginning, manufacturing in the United States has been focused on maximizing output while maintaining quality and controlling costs. When looking for a manufacturer that can provide all the aforementioned and responsive customer service, look no further than the mid-size American manufacturer.

Single point of contact

For customers, mid-size organizations are less complicated to navigate as their sales personnel are involved with multiple aspects of the business. Generally, midsize corporations have smaller sales teams which require a single sales person to take the customers through the entire sales and manufacturing process. This single point of contact will provide the required information and deliver it as soon as it is available, creating simplicity and saving the customer valuable time.

Easy access to all levels of management

A single point of contact makes it effortless to get into contact with decision makers. Upper management is aware of all the customers and involved in the daily decision making. There is no time for corporate bureaucracy in a midsize corporation and since the executives are involved it is very common to get approval on customer requests within a very short time.

Set up for a global economy

Current United States transportation networks allow companies to be small but mighty, there are many mid-size manufacturers in the United States similar to the JACO Manufacturing Company that produceĀ  products that are sold worldwide. JACO currently sells a proprietary line of Compression Tube Fittings through a global network of distributors, helping to create jobs worldwide.

Reduced lead times and transportation costs. No tariffs and less time spent of managing projects

When buying American made products within the United States borders you reduce lead times and transportation costs. In addition you can eliminate tariffs and spend less time managing projects due the complications involved with foreign purchases. We understand that it is not uncommon to source a product on foreign soil because you generally save on labor and tooling costs, but when factoring in transportation, tariffs, and lost opportunity costs due to the time spent trying to organize the project, the savings will not be as material as expected.


Mid-Size American Manufacturing Companies have the ability to react quickly to customersā€™ needs and adjust their production schedule so that parts can arrive when you need them do to the vast shipping options within the United States.

Longevity of Our Organization

While we cannot speak on the position of other companies, The JACO Manufacturing Company has been in business since 1949 and has a mix of products and services. This has allowed us to remain financially strong for many years and be in the position to ride out any economic downturns. Our ownership is committed to financing our operation with equity and re-investing in capital equipment annually, which will allow JACO to produce all of your custom molding items needed for many years to come.

Between the ease of communication, decreased lead time, reduced transportation costs, and the ability to be flexible, there are clear cut benefits to choosing a mid-size American Manufacturing company as a vendor. Contact JACO for any of your custom plastic injection molding needs!

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